WP7 – Dissemination

The Leader of WP7 FINALLY Dissemination – RIC Novo mesto

The project requires very broad dissemination as its results can benefit Roma populations and stakeholders beyond the consortium countries and other EU countries. The consortium prepared the Dissemination Action plan. The plan was prepared by RIC Novo mesto (WP7 leader) according to EU’s five stage model for dissemination and exploitation according to DG Education and Culture. The WP7 leader was at the beginning produced an internal database of key project staff that would be updated as the project progresses. Within the Action Plan, an External Communication Plan with target groups, media and stakeholders was also developed. The plans defined the communication purposes, addressees, information, methods and time frame for each communication activity. The target groups were identified in connection with WP8 Exploitation Plan.

Extensive use was made of partners’ contacts and dissemination experience. There are a project website, logo, leaflet, poster, facebook profile. Dissemination activities consist of: 6 Newsletters in all partners languages and English, press releases and articles, two press conferences (following the Kick-off Meeting and Final Press Conference together with the final Project Meeting and Conference), printing of main project outputs. Besides this the final outputs from WP2, WP3 and WP4 will be published online as e-books and sent to stakeholders via e-mail. The core output of WP3 Training Course, WP4 FINALLY Toolbox and WP4 Manual with Guidelines for FINALLY Toolbox usage will be printed in book form in 6 languages and made available in the local libraries.

Finally Needs Analysis E-book
English language

Slovenia: e-book
Slovene language

Italy: e-book
Italian language

Slovakia: e-book
Slovak language

Bulgaria: e-book
Bulgarian language

Greece: e-book
Greek language

Serbia: e-book
Serbian language

Dissemination Plan of the Project FINALLY