Exploatation workshops with the Roma pupils in elementary school Šentjernej

In the school year 2015/16 were in Elementary School Šentjernej decided to derive  innovative project with Roma pupils in the field of raising financial literacy. They got incentive on the Training of Trainers for Financial Literacy for the Roma, which was implemented by RIC Novo mesto in May 2015.
The project includes seven students of Roma women from the sixth, seventh and eighth grade.
The objectives of the project were participating in increasing understanding of the concepts of income, expense, need, desire, smart spending, encourage them to develop good shopping habits and to save planning and spending money. The project was part of seven meetings, which were carried out after school, mostly in the duration of a one hour, together nine hours. Meetings were held in a relaxed learning atmosphere where the participants allowing and encouraging them to actively participate. Prevailing methods were talking, explaining, the method of brainstorming, analysis of newspaper flyers or learning by experimentation, group work and role play. The basic principle, which Alenka Bašelj and Andreja Hvalec Žitnik followed, were a participant-centered learning process and the integration of learning content with the living environment and experience of participants.
In designing the content of the program the performers were using the literature that has developed within the project Finally, Financial Literacy for the Roma, which was held under RIC Novo mesto.