University of Piraeus Research Center

The University of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC) was established in 1983 as a research, non profit institution.

UPRC aims at providing the institutional framework facilitating and  supporting  research carried out by University faculty members, in   economics, management and computing,

Since its establishment, UPRC has organised and implemented more than 1.000 research projects, many educational programmes, conferences and executive seminars on behalf by the European Union, the General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Ministries, banks, organisations of the public and the private sectors, non-profit and non governmental organisations.

The research output of the programmes realized by UPRC is characterized by scientific excellence and wide range of application that allows them to have a particular impact on the economy, business and society in general.

The Center’s activities are funded   through various grants from the Government, the University and other public and private institutions.

Regular training and executive seminars are organised by the Center with the objective of upgrading the education of university graduates and of those employed in both the public and private sectors of the Greek economy.

In addition, the Center assists the University in providing organisational support for national and international conferences.

UPRC has been awarded with an ISO 9001:2008 Certification, and a National Accreditation for its administrative competence.