WP3 – Development of a program FINALLY Training Course

The Leader of WP3 Development of FINALLY Training Course – RIC Novo mesto

A common transnational training course was developed that would respond to the needs of Roma adults. The expert group consisting of all partners will first develop a draft Training course was evaluated during pilot actions. After evaluation, the Training Course was adapted to form a joint transnational FINALLY Training Course.

FINALLY Training Course is an innovative tailor-made training course aimed to raise the level of financial literacy within the target group of Roma adults. The successfully completed FINALLY Training Course will ensure that a Roma adult will be able to lead a more quality everyday life, manage his/her finances independently and form long-term decisions and be included into labour market.

56 hour program consists of 4 modules:

  • Household Budgeting – Plan Ahead And Spend Wisely (16 hours)
  • Saving For The Future (12 hours)
  • Sensible Borrowing (16 hours)
  • Increasing Your Income (10 hours)

It was developed in English and will be translated into 6 partner’s national languages. It will be published online and in booklet form.


English language

Slovenia: curriculum
Slovene language

Italy: curriculum
Italian language

Slovakia: curriculum
Slovak language

Bulgaria: curriculum
Bulgarian language

Greece: curriculum
Greek language

Serbia: curriculum
Serbian language