Faculty of Economics Niš

Since the founding in 1960 of the Faculty of Economics Niš has been developing intensively in spatial, personnel-wise and material aspect. As the largest state-owned educational institution within the University of Niš it combines educational, scientific and research activities in a unique process of higher education. Every-day educational activities are performed by 90 employees who are also active in Centre for Economic Research, orgnaizational unit of the Faculty in which scientific and research processes are being organized. Activities of the Centre include cooperation development under the Erasmus-mundus programme, organization of student mobility, colaboration on developing programmes related to education and science promotion, improving competitiveness of business, socio-economic projects and programmes.

Faculty is situated in Niš – cultural, economical and educational centre of Southern Serbia, which represents intercultural area with the largest Roma community in this part of the country. With rich tradition of 51 years, as one of the firstly formed higher educational institutions in Serbia, Faculty enjoys good reputation and image of an institution that provides services of consistently high quality and of a respectable corporate citizen. The main objective of the new study programs is the integration of the Faculty into a unique European educational area. This considers equal opportunities for all, no matter their racial, national, religious, gender, sexual or other background, as one of our main principles of work. One of the proofs is the establishment and development of the Faculty’s Department in the intercultural municipality of Medveđa.

The employees of the Faculty have significant experience in project cycle management activities. The Faculty is participating as a partner or leading implementer in numerous projects under TEMPUS programme promoting interculturality and development of educational system ( Development of Lifelong Learning Framework in Serbia, European Studies and International Relations),  Enterprise Europe Network Project supported by EC, several projects supported by Serbian Government and Ministries regarding European integrations, consumer and environmental protection, raising level of competitiveness of public and private sector and national economy in Serbia, innovation and strategic management. As most relevant for the topic of proposed project, we point out the involvement of the Faculty on the project Sustaining the identity of Serbs and national minorities on borderline municipalities of East and South-East Serbia. Apart from the project engagement on the projects in which the Faculty is involved, the professors and associates have been participating in various other projects regarding implementation of Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, project Civil society and Responsible Government, and other projects aimed at empowering the members of marginalized groups through educational activities.

Faculty of Economics Niš is a valuable partner because of its background, human, organizational and financial capacity. It also has wide network of partners: local and national government bodies, profit and non-profit organizations and institutions that can all facilitate to a great extent the process of this project implementation. The most valuable cooperation in that sense will include those formed between the Faculty and local Roma NGOs, which will enable the approach to the group of beneficiaries. Also, the cooperation with the network of local Elementary and Secondary schools and Ministry of Education-Office in Niš, Ombudsman and representatives of relevant departments of local government, will enable the project activities envisaged in the project proposal. The Faculty also has established collaboration with several institutions from the countries in the region, and that can also contribute to adding value to this project. It has expert knowledge in the field of economy but will be able to participate in the LLP as a fully eligible partner for the first time. Thus, it will not be a WP leader but will participate in all WPs to contribute valuable knowledge and at the same time gain specific project experience from this Grundtvig multilateral project.