Codici Social Research Agency

Codici is an independent social research agency. It assists public institutions, third sector organisations or private companies, helping them cope with social change.
Codici’s researchers and social workers employ the tools of applied social research to analyze emerging social and cultural phenomena, offer consultancies, training courses and technical assistance on specific social topics and policies, support project development and evaluation
for innovative social services.
We handle tight schedules confidently; our skills and competences are grounded in a solid academic curriculum and a rich background in social work; our methodology is based on a participative process of sharing tools and products with our clients as well as with the subjects of our projects, our work climate is shaped by the passionate commitment of people that have been engaged in social research and social work for more than fifteen years.
Codici Social Research Agency’s work experience has also given birth to its non profit, more markedly social work-oriented twin, Codici Social Cooperative.