WP5 – Pilot Implementation

The Leader of WP5 FINALLY Pilot Actions –
Health and Socilam Development Foundation – HESED

Pilot actions in WP5 tested and improved the tools described above. First, the type 1 piloting regional staff workshops with trainers/teachers was implemented (Quantitative indicator: 5×20 participants = 100 participants). Secondly, type 2 pilot actions with Roma adults were conducted (6×15 participants = 75 participants in total).

The WP5 leader will prepare the joint pilot actions final report based on the results provided by the partners. The Pilot Actions Final Report will comprise data about the process of pilot actions, both within Type 1 and Type 2 avaluation in 6 partner countries. Guidelines how to improve the WP3 and WP4 outputs will be prepared.


Pilot Actions Final Report


Pilot Implementation in Slovenia
Pilot implementation in Bulgaria
Pilot implementation in Slovakia
Pilot implementation in Italy
Pilot implementation in Serbia