Most of the participants in Serbia expressed her undisguised satisfaction with the content of the program

20150919_120734In month of September, the Faculty of Economics in Niš successfully completed the pilot implementation of FINALLY training course. This activity is considered crucial for the final quality checks and conformity of the teaching materials and other deliverables produced over the previous project activities. Trainings began in May, and continued during the month of September. Through the training program, it’s been educated not only twenty trainers – educators, mostly the members of the Roma population that are very active in organizations dedicated to Roma issues, but also more than twenty members of the target population. The full time program of education has been done with generous support of already educated trainers. Most of the participants expressed her undisguised satisfaction with the organization and content of the program as well as they expressed their interest in this training program suggesting that it should continue through clusters of trainings in different Roma communities.20150919_115136

Training was covered and filmed by the electronic media specialized in Roma issues. A reportage that lasts more than five minutes, along with web presentation of the project finally can be found at the following link This video recorded statement of the participants, trainers, and some of the lectures given.