WP2 – Needs Assessment

The Leader of WP2 FINALLY Needs Assessment – CODICI

Work package 2 has the goal of identifying the financial literacy needs of Roma groups and the priorities, strategies and contents for financial literacy training. In order to reach this objective, project partners conducted desk and field research involving various stakeholders (Roma adults, professionals working with Roma, representatives of services and institutions) in a process of consultation and dialogue. It was done so by using social research methods, such as individual interviews and focus groups. The information gathered allowed partners to formulate indications regarding the best practices for Roma adults training and to adapt the training process to the issues that Roma themselves perceive as central to their financial management.

Transnational report of the Finally project needs assessment

National reports:

Slovenia: national report
English language &  Slovene language

Italy: national report
English language &  Italian language

Slovakia: national report
English language &  Slovak language

Bulgaria: national report
English language &  Bulgarian language

Greece: national report
English language &  Greek language

Serbia: National report
English language &  Serbian language

Finally Needs Analysis E-book
English language

All national versions you can find on WP7.