WP1 – Project Management

The Leader of WP1 Project management and Coordination – RIC Novo mesto

Adopting a methodology based on the process-oriented innovative approach that would enable the project partners build on the already existing knowledge, as well as act as an interdisciplinary group of professionals which upgrades, updates and widens their knowledge. The project management and communication is based on the concept of consistent feedback loops between the project partners, where WP leaders according to the Communication Plan defined in WP1 will have to make sure that all partners express their opinion and comply to the proposed activities. In this way, the project’s results will truly be of transnational character, but with added value tools adapted to national particularities. Further, to ensure sound management, there will be 5 project meetings throughout the project lifetime.

Major Milestones are defined when the main deliverables are finalized: Project Implementation work plan, Project Communication Plan, Project management plan, Internal reporting sheets, Monitoring reports; Interim and Final Report for the EC.