Trnava University

The Trnava University (Trnavská univerzita v Trnave – TRUNI) is amongst the oldest universities in Central Europe established in the second half of the 17th century. The Faculty of Health Care and Social Work, Public Health Department, will be participating in the FINALLY project. The Faculty was established in 1994 and its aim is to educate professionals for public health, hygienic services and institutions of social care, rehabilitations and nursing. Over 100 employees are employed at the faculty full time.

Besides teaching, the faculty conducts research in all fields of public health, social work or nursing, including tropical public health, environmental health, health promotion, health systems research, broad area of social work related research, trauma, injury research, nutrition and others. Currently the Faculty is involved in a number of international projects funded by EU authorities or other (e.g. USA based) agencies both as project leader/coordinator or project partner. Faculty has experience in project implementation and its personal capacity gives the conditions for successful project management and effective use of funds.

The Faculty has an extensive scientific publication record and published several textbooks or monographs on different issues in public health, social work and nursing.

The mission of Public Health Department is to educate students, so, that they will be able to deal with the major public health problems and they will have appropriate skills to promote and protect the health of communities, the quality of health care, and to ensure a healthy occupational and living environment. The Department’s aims in research and development focuses on major research areas of public health, such as multicultural aspects of health care for minorities, patients’ rights, innovative health policies, quality of care, injuries prevention and management of patients with severe TBI, evidence based medicine, environmental health, epidemiology of chronic diseases, occupational health, inequalities, and international health care systems.

The primary role of the Faculty of Health and Social Work in the project will be to manage the evaluation of the project within WP6 Quality Assessment and provide suggestions to the Steering Group and the Applicant organsiation. It will also provide its expertise and play a significant role in all other WPs.