WP8 – Strategy and Action

The Leader of WP8 FINALLY Strategy & Action –
RIC Novo mesto

The partners will work to ensure sustainable links to project’s target groups (Roma adults, trainers/teachers, stakeholders and policy-makers), especially through targeted dissemination and exploitation activities under WP7 and WP8 respectively. The aim of this WP is  to ensure the sustainable use project results so that they can be used widely at regional/national/EU level. The exploitation activities will be performed at two levels: Mainstreaming and Multiplication.

With specific activities within WP8 will comprise: Development of the Exploitation Plan, Development of a project FINALLY video, Development of FINALLY Strategy & Action Guidelines, Production of DVDs with WP3 and WP4 deliverables.

The project materials will remain available online at the even after the project ends. WP8 leader will make sure that the outputs are sent to interested national/European/international professional associations and can be used at EC, EACEA platforms.